Celestella jewelry review, a new jewelry brand based in New York!

Hi everyone and welcome to this post! Today I want to show you 6 jewelry pieces that I received from Celestella that is a New York based demi fine jewelry brand. They create the latest on-trend demi-fine jewelries starting from $29 with exceptional quality, made to last and crafted with care!

The packaging is beautiful with these blue navy box tied with a ribbon in the same color of the box and the golden logo of the brand on it. Inside there is the jewel over a luxury blue navy velvet.

On their website www.celestella.com there are more than 3,3K styles for all occasions, each as unique as tis wearer. Each piece is made of selected premium gold and silver only with a distinctive design. Their jewels are the perfect choice for a birthday's gift, for the Valentine's day and to celebrate a big occasion. So I received 6 pieces from their 'Strenght in Silence' in a black big box with a silver keyring with the initial of my name and 2 jewelry cleaning cloths.

I receive 3 beautiful golden rings: 1 bamboo ring, 1 croissant ring and 1 irregular shaped ring that are absolutely stunning and very trendy! 

Then I received two pair of golden earrings, 1 small hoop earrings and 1 pearl hammered circle that I love for their minimal style and a golden moon-shaped necklace!

They are all wel made, very trendy and the very bright! They are perfect to wear everyday with any outfits! I'm very impressed by these jewelry! 

Thank you for reading this post, see you in the next one!


  1. These necklaces and rings are quite alluring, I appreciate your honest review. As a fellow jewellery designer and seller, I am glad to come across this article. Thank you for sharing this. Great blog. Buy Jewelry Online Canada


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