My Black Friday whishlist from Lightinthebox

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog! A few weeks ago I learned about this online fashion website for women, man and children called Lightinthebox and after trying some of their clothes I can say that I like this website and their clothes! Now for Black Friday they have lots of super convenient discounts and deals, so I want to share with you my Black Friday whislist from their website. They have free shipping zone and up to 85% off, this is the link for their Black Friday sale on their website:

First clothing item of my Lightinthebox Black Friday wishlist is this beautiful winter long teddy coat available in blushing pink and khaki color with a V-neck, a frontal button and two side pockets. The fabric material is very soft, I think this coat is warm for winter and it is very trendy! This is the link:

The second clothing item that I chose for my Black Friday wishlist is this mini dress with long semi-sheer sleeves, a V-neckline with a frontal wrap and this beautiful winter floral print. It is available with orange flowers over a black background and with white flowers over a navy blue background. This is a very cute and chic short dress for winter, this is the link:

The third clothing item I chose is this cozy and warm turtleneck pullover with a geometric print around the neck available in two colors that is perfect to stay comfy at home or under a coat. The sweater has a regular fit, the neck is not too much high and is perfect for the winter season. Here it is the link:

The fourth clothing item is this winter down padded midi coat with a faux fur trimmed hood, a frontal zip and two side pockets available in so many sizes and colors like champagne, black, wine, army green, etc. I think the quality of this coat is great, it is slightly fitted at the waist and very comfy to go out! This is the link:

Finally, can a party dress be missing in a woman's wardrobe in this period of the year? Surely not, so this is the party sequined dress I chose on my Black Friday wishlist. This is a navy blue sheath dress with sequins, long mesh sleeves and a boath neckline. The dress is quite tight and fitted at the waist but is beautiful, very portable and sparkling! This is the link:

Ok and that's all for my Black Friday whishlist from Lightinthebox, do not forget that they have free shipping zone and up to 85% off on their website, here it is their Black Friday link: 

A lot of beautiful clothes on this website so take a look! Thank you for reading this post and see you soon in my next post, bye!!


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